Finding the right personal loan only takes a few minutes even if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Just complete our application form and we can match you with the most reputable personal loans lenders currently on the market. You may be able to get an answer in just a few minutes, but it never takes more than 48 hours. Lets take a look at a few things the lenders look at as well as things you can do to help you get a better interest rate.


While most lenders review your credit reports, our personal loans lenders are not solely interested in your credit history. Instead they focus on your employment record and your income. They know that bad things happen to good people and credit ratings can be damaged by the loss of a job or an unexpected illness. That said, you will get better rates if you have collateral and apply for a (secured loan) rather than if you go for an unsecured loan. Whatever the case, getting a loan through us is easy and painless.


Repairing bad credit can feel like a “Catch 22” since you need a loan to repair your credit, but you can’t get a loan because your credit is bad. We work with lenders who specialize in offering personal loans to people with credit problems so they can get their credit back on track. Getting a loan and making payments on time makes credit scores go up. Once your credit score is back on track, if you apply for any additional loans in the future then the interest will be much lower. Whether you choose a secured loan or an unsecured loan, timely payments show you are not a bad credit risk so make sure that you can afford the repayments.


After you complete our personal loans form, you will be contacted by lenders to discuss your application. When talking to the loan representative it is important to take notes about the annual percentage rate of the loan, any other fees and any penalties that may be incurred for prepayment of the loan or for late payments. In some cases lenders will perform a credit check, after which a loan officer will review the application. He or she will ask for any supporting documentation like proof of employment and proof of income so make sure to be truthful in your application.


When the personal loans officer reviews the application for the loan he or she will determine whether you have enough income to be able to make regular payments on the loan. On this note, the loan may be approved for less than the requested amount if your income is considered too low. This benefits both you and the lender since the lender has a better chance of receiving payment for the loan, and you have payments which fit within your budget instead of struggling to make payments you can’t really afford.

No matter what your credit rating, we can help you to get the money you need by matching you with the right personal loans lender. It’s quick and easy and you get an answer almost right away from lenders who specialize in credit repair and bad credit loans. We also have a number of other services aimed specifically towards people with bad credit, so feel free to look around.