Personal Loans


While most personal loans lenders review credit reports, the specialist lenders at Personal Loans are not solely interested in your credit history. We know that bad things can happen to good people and credit ratings can be damaged by the loss of a job or an unexpected illness.

After one of our loan officers reviews your application they may perform a credit check. He or she will then ask for any supporting documentation, like proof of employment and proof of income, so make sure to be truthful in your application. This will allow them to determine whether you have enough income to make regular payments on the loan.

The loan may be approved for less than the requested amount if your income is considered too low. This benefits both you and the lender, since the lender has a better chance of receiving payment for the loan and you won’t be stuck struggling to make payments. You will get better rates if you have collateral and apply for a secured loan rather than an unsecured loan.

Whatever the case, getting a loan through us is easy and painless, so contact our office in Potts Point to get started today.